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Digital Power Factor Metre

15 March 2011 - 05:56 PM

hi , i am new there , i want to make a low cost digital power factor meter ,plz help me out

Power Factor Improvement For Three Phase Using Pic Simulation And Design

12 March 2011 - 01:26 PM

hi ,i am new here, i choose my final year project titled power factor improvement for single phase i have also confusion in simulation,,hoe woulusing PIC,i have some confusion please help me out
first of all, i m confusd to which type of capacitors i can use in it?
and second method to measure pf.
i have also confusion in simulation,how i would do that?

the theme behind my project is. to attach this device with any inductive load,pf is then measured and a particular value of capacitor is to be calculated in PIC,PIC is then turn on the specific capacitor by sending the signal to switching device.if inductive load is changed performing the same job and switch on the other capacitors,that is adding capacitors to parallal to the load,
copy of this device can be placed in 3phase circuit separately,as most of the time our load is not balanced so i think its a good project.

plz help me out by replying comments,suggestions and solutions
i shall be very thankfull to you