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Vfd For Cold Saw?

28 April 2011 - 06:06 AM

I want to purchase a VFD for a 2hp, 2 speed, 230v Cold Saw, because I need phase conversion as well as higher RPM.

I've been reading a little about VFDs, and am (as usual), confused. I am considering getting a 3hp unit to allow some 'headroom'. Is that a good idea?

Should I use a variable torque, or constant torque unit?

The saw has a 'high/off/low' switch. I read that you should not use the saw disconnect to turn the tool on/off, when the VFD is on. Correct? So I should leave the switch on?

Does the VFD (settings wise) care whether the saw is on high or low? So, can I use the saws two speeds to extend the lower and upper blade rpm limits of the VFD?

Is there a way to have a read-out that is translated to saw RPM?

I'm considering the Hitachi X-200 unit. http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item1c18612dc0

Would this be a good VFD for my application or is there a better choice?

Sorry if these are silly questions. This is new to me!