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In Topic: Fault On Aucom Ems Soft Starter

16 June 2011 - 08:15 PM

I have the problem not knowing what stops our mixer (is it due to a starter fault or in the mixer control circuit). When the mixer stops all power is removed for the soft start controls so power is lost to the control/fault circuit. The starter does not appear to have a battery backup on the alarm circuit or a battery PCB connected.

Is there an easy way to fit a fault lamp or be able to obtain battery backup cards?

Another method maybe to connect a relay to the normally open fault contact and this may make contact long enough to latch. Is the normally open fault output a clean contact and at what voltage is it rated at?


Hi Flash,
The EMS control is fed from the load side of the line contactor so when a trip occurs the line contactor opens and hence you loose control power,what I have done in the past is to change the control feed from the load side of the contactor to the line side so that a trip will open the contactor but keep control power on.

In Topic: Anyone Familiar With Denfos Inverter?

15 February 2011 - 06:48 PM

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Dear Friends,

I have a Danfoss inverter drive VLT-5000, 400V 45KW at one of application where motor is only 380V 29KW. Problem is that if I set the max frequency of drive 35HZ then no problem but if I set max frequency 40HZ and run the motor, motor starts and stops well but WARN 12 (Torque Limit) warning appears again and again at LCD display.

Please assist how to control on this problem.

The torque is higher than the value set in parameter 221 and 222,set these up to 160%