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Current Variation In Line Side And Load Side Of Soft Starters

01 March 2014 - 04:46 PM

Dear Sirs,
please look into my problem and help me. We have one MCC with Main Incomer MCCB and 3 Soft Starters  in Outgoing side  with Individual Outgoing Breakers. There is one Capacitor bank also controlled by dedicated Power Factor Regulator.
​At the Motor starting (Any one out of the three)  incomer Current in the digital Meter and Outgoing Current in the Digital merter Installed in the soft starter circuits are Same at 0.75 power factor Incomer and Outgoing Currents are  84A- L1, L2,L3. But after Power Factor correction PF - 1, Incomer Current is falling to 64A- L1, L2,L3  but the Outgoing Soft starter current is still  84A- L1, L2,L3.
​Can anyone help me please, we have checked the CT and measured the current with separate Clamp Meter also, again the scenario is the same.
Please reply me
Abhilash,  abhi.mureeckal@gmail.com