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Abb Old Ups

31 October 2008 - 06:29 AM

Hi Guys
I have the following 14 year old UPS from ABB:
Type: PL-20KVA
Nr: TT-13015
I think it is working but I have no manuals or drawings....actually nothing!
Has anybody got a copy of anything of this old UPS or know where to get it; what department of ABB for example?
Thanks for your help.


05 August 2008 - 06:34 AM

Hi guys,
I have a 6RA70 DC Drive. I have two digital inputs from a plc, both normally open and separate.
I have a CUD2 card on the drive to handle these two additional inputs as the main card inputs are full.
The inputs are reverse direction. Basically a n/o contact means it runs forward and a n/c contact means it will run in reverse
The other input is a fast-stop. n/o meaning usual operation, and on closing the contact to n/c a fast-stop is initiated.
Can you, or one of the guys on the forum please explain how I can program the drive to do this?

Compressor On Vfd

15 February 2008 - 12:26 AM

Hi Marke,
I have a compressor system made in USA. The cooling fan motor is DOL and is tripping the overload. It is rated at 60Hz but running at 50Hz. I know that cooling will be affected, but the current will increase also?...by what percentage?
The compressor is also a 60Hz motor...what will the current increase by in terms of percentage?
The drive is 50/60Hz, 380-480Vac....no problem.....the site was measured at 500Vac at the input.
The drive couldn't start, it is 75kW and very, very marginally rated to the compressor motor at 100HP.
After 5 minutes of trying to get the compressor running, there was a loud sound from the VFD; I suspect the IGBT's.
To make matters worse, this particular VFD has a program for inputting the rating of the compressor motor; and what they inputted was nonsense.
There was no autotuning carried out as they are in speed control with no feeback devices such as Tacho etc...another problem
Another problem is that they told the drive the motor weight was 550Kg when it was 550lb....about half in kg...
Now, if you tell the drive nonsense (or nothing for autotuning) you will get out nonsense!
They also selected a brand of motor in the drive setup that was clearly incorrect; hence I think the motor characteristics (resistance, inductance etc..) that was automatically load when it selected the wrong motor made thngs worse when the autotuning was not carried out.
Now I know you can run 60Hz motors at 50Hz and they will get hotter with higher current and less internal cooling and the lifetime will be affected.
Please comment on the above if possible with your thoughts (and Raef). I know it is a mess but your input would be valuable.

Hi Marke,
Martin again; forgot to mention the utility is 50Hz region, but compressor was made by a 60Hz region; not sure that was clear!