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  1. I wants to know more about Laurence Scott make N S Variable Speed Motor.

    What is required to Control the Speed.

  2. Any genuine success stories about Best Energy? All looks vaguely familiar! https://www.best.energy/
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    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  4. uSD cards are slowly increasing in size and that is causing issues with some equipment where the uSD card is used to store data. Older XLe OCS units were limited to 2GB cards as a maximum size, and even then not all cards would work. Later firmware enabled access to data on some cards up to 16GB, but most 16GB cards can not be read. With a new card, it always pays to format the card in the XLe to ensure compatibility. You may need to try a number of different card types to find a compatible card and stock up on spares of cards that work. Sizes are increasing and while some batches work, others may not.
  5. The IEC 6-1131 programming languages cover a wide range of programming skills. Instruction List (IL) is a legacy language from early days of PLC programming and is probably the least used language of the suite today. Ladder Diagram (LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD) are both graphical programming languages designed to provide a familiar environment for electricians who are used to assembling relay logic circuits, perhaps using additional function blocks such as timers and counters. For pure logic sections of the project, these can provide a simple program to write and to follow, but when the logic moves away from simple contacts and coils, or basic function blocks, the languages become quite clumsy but still workable. Scripted Text (ST) is a "plain language" programming language that handles data processing, analog values and mathematical functionality in what can be essentially a self documenting program listing. The text format and syntax is very similar to Pascal with similarities to C, C# Python and similar languages. Computer programmers adapt to ST programming very quickly. Instruction List is the most basic of the languages and probably the least intuitive. It is essentially the "assembly language" programming of PLCs. -Expect higher programming frustration and reduced readibility from the use of the Instruction List language. It is probably a reasonable way to mask IP and functionality. Sequential Function Chart (SFC) is perhaps one of the most powerful tools to use in the IEC language suite. I prefer to consider SFC as a multi-dimensional State Machine than a language, providing an environment and tool set that enhances a well structured program design, debugging and ease of augmentation. Brake the program design into a series of States and rules to move between the states, then program that in SFC. Code can then be added to each state in either ST or LD. Some Steps (States) can be written in LD while others are in ST. It is not necessary to focus on one language only. Which language should I use? that is entirely up to the programmer. Use which ever language performs your task the best. While you can only use one language within a code module, you can use multiple modues and different languages in the modules. For pure relay logic, consider LD. For visual Function block programming, consider FBD and for numeric processing, it is hard to go past ST. There is not right and Wrong, if it works for you, then it is right for you.
  6. LMPForum has just been upgraded to the latest version available. This has been enabled following the transfer to a more modern server with up to date server software. There should be performance enhancements and possible fine tuning over the next few weeks. Best regards,'Mark
  7. The Danfoss MCD500 series soft starters have reached end of life and they have ceased production, to be replaced by the Danfoss MCD600.
  8. Over the years since the release of the EMX3, we have experienced increasing problems of installation trips due to bad harmonic voltages. Severe harmonic currents on weaker networks, primarily due to the major increase in usage of VFDs in industry has resulted in increasing levels of voltage distortion and that voltage distortion, if it is bad enough, can disturb the synchronisation of the SCR control circuits to the supply voltage zero crossings. The phase modulation of the voltage reference causes the installation trip. This is just one of the consequences of rising harmonic voltages on the supply.
  9. Active filters are now becoming rather commonplace, but they are not all equal. Small filters can have compromised DC Bus capacitors that are not designed for long life, or easy replacement. Some of these filters are failing at around five years of usage, and operation in a very high impedance supply with a lot of harmonic voltages, can lead to excessive heat and premature failure. - pay half the price for half the life and poor servicability!! Best regards, Mark.
  10. marke


    Follow the weekly webinars with Chuck and Casey and all the previous webinars on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/HornerAPG/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0
  11. marke

    Cscape 9.9 Sp5

    CScape 9.9 SP5 has been released. This is a minor update and there is no real need to update.
  12. Please ensure that the “Use Classic Cscape Mode” is unticked in the Tools | Applications Settings screen. You can then tick the “Support IEC Editor” and “Support Variable Based Ladder Programs” at the bottom of the Application Settings under Supported Program Types. If the “Use Classic Cscape Mode” is ticked, the other two editor modes are greyed out and can not be selected.
  13. Horner have released and Android APP called HORNER FABRIC and it is available on the Google Store for a small fee. This app requires that you have a registration with the Horner Automation website at https://hornerautomation.com/and it uses the same login details as does the latest release of CScape, 9.9 service pack 4. For full details on how to use the app, watch the youtube video at
  14. The LMPForum.com website has been moved from it's old server to a new, modern server with upto date software. This should overcome some of the issues with posting and very slow response. - I hope!! Any issues, PM me and I will look into it..
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