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  1. Hallo I'm suggesting to install automatic smoke and fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, specially designed for installation in the highest part, inside electrical cabinets. They are particularly useful in these cases: - when the cost of devices in the cabinet are high (example: grid simulators, servers, HILs, etc.) or - when the ambient is an unique and precious environment (i.e.: Louvre Museum, Cappella Sistina, Forbidden City, British Museum, etc.) All the best! Mario (Mark, I'd no problem to publish this post using Chrome)
  2. I agree with Eurybates All the best, Mario
  3. Hi, Mark, I had known the company AuCom in Italy thanks to the Italian company Tecnotrasmissioni, in the year 1986 or 1985, I'm not sure. We was interested to distribute such units in Italy, at that time soft starters were practically unknown on our market. Congratulations for the success! Mario
  4. MB123, you can use without problems your configuration. Best regards, Mario
  5. Any good news from Marke? We all are waiting for good news! Best regards, Mario
  6. Another earthquake 5.9 happened in Christchurch on February 14th, 2016- http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/today Christchurch is the heart of this forum, city of Mark(e) We hope to read Marke a.s.a.p. Best regards, Mario
  7. Hi, AB2005, are you in position to limit the oil pressure, using a by-pass? You can regulate the max pressure level, stating when the by-pass will collect the hydraulic flux. Best regards, Ma Mario
  8. Excellent notes, as usual, Marke! Regards, Mario
  9. Dear AB2005, I guess that this drive could have some problems due to age of the control card. Are there some electrolytic capacitors that now are no more efficient? You can look also to disturbances coming from cables or radio, probably such disturbances increased during years. I don't see in your diagram any inductor, I hope that it is connected is series to your DC motor. Best regards, Mario
  10. Hi, kens, simply speaking, in case of high current harmonic content, the harmonic currents are flowing mainly between non-linear loads and PFC units. In certain situations the Ithd should be very high, while Vthd should be very low; in this case PFC units are at risk. Regards, Mario
  11. Dear AB2005, to understand better the situation of your plant and to give you better suggestions, it would be useful to know something more about types and dimension of loads, size of power transformers, lenght of lines, contemporaneity factor for non-linear loads, etc. It is also interesting to know if the plant is new or if it is working for years without problems. Best regards Mario
  12. Clayts, an onboard generator for an EV (i.e.: an electric car) must be small and light, therefore their speed must be high . Instead, Stirling motors are usually slow. Regards, Mario
  13. Hi, to save energy and to reduce acoustic noise and to improve quality of pollution, I see only one solution: VVVF drive. Star/delta starters should ask sometime a very high current after commutation, this overcurrent should be up to 20 x In and can damage cables, contacts and trafos. Best regards, Mario
  14. AB2005, probably the wire gauge of aluminium wires is bigger than wire gauges of copper wires, for the same motor size. Best regards, Mario
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