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  1. what shoud i do to reduce my my electrical bill is there any divice that i could use?? like a another kind of capacitor?? that could help me reduced my electrical bill?? as i know all my appliance is inductive load. we have no demand penalty, i am paying electril for the number of kilowatt/hrs that i'am using
  2. hi guys i have a capacitor single phase, i attach it on a load side parallel connection single phase,the rating of the capacitor is 440v , 100amp AC, what is the disavantage and the advantage of having this one???
  3. where could i download a linspire??? and is there a site address that i could get to teach me on how to use the linux and configure it??
  4. so is thier a posibility that i could reduce my electrical bill?? by using a capacitor??
  5. ;p; hi guys i need help i have 15K watts inductive load what should i do to reduce my electrical bill??? is this ok that i will use a power capacitor w/c is 1farad 300v 120 Amps. my supply is 250V, 60 amps. RMS, pls me!!;p;
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