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  1. u can refer to the IEEE wiring requlation BS7671...
  2. Can somebody enlighten me on what is the Marshalling box?
  3. However, there are some local authority in some country insisted power factor correction for high rise building residential... and they will be penalty or higher tarif charges should the power factor is lagging or leading too much...
  4. i've a tought if a few circuit going from 1 main switch board (LV) to another sub board (LV)... possible to run only 1 bigger cable of earth cable? as a common earth... any1 has done that before? what sort of fault calcualtion analysis v require to do?
  5. If i'm not wrong, the K value 'll be different Cu or Aluminium... and also different by cable size... But then, if u look from the cable manufacturer technical sheet, different manufacturer 'll have slight diff as well... for design acpect... i think v got to use the worst... or the highest value to have some safety factor
  6. IEEE Wiring Regulation has stated.... for circuit using 16mm sq and below, earth shall be follow the live conductor size... while 16mm to 35mm sq, the earth cable shall be 16mm, anything above 35mm sq, the earth cable shall be at least 1/2 the size of the live conductor... i hope that answer u
  7. tc50


    Any1 has any idea what is the latest being adopted in the market? C-BUS clipsal???
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