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  1. You can use a 10 amp breaker but , the motor is drawing 8 amps and you can only put 80% of FLC on a breaker which in this case 80% of a 10 amp breaker is 8 amps. So you will be running right at maximum allowable current for a 10 amp breaker which may cause the breaker to get a little warm depending on how long you run the motor for. If it is running continuously there is a chance of nuisance tripping because of heat but most likely it will be fine. I would use a 2 pole 15 amp as long as your wire size is correct.
  2. They are 3 phase , 480 volt , fused at 20 amp. and no the power stays on and the drive goes into sleep mode, because if needed which very rarely happens, it could be called to run.
  3. We have 2 cooling AC cooling towers controlled by 2 chillers that are 2 seperate redundant systems The cooling towers have 2 motor s on each . one motor on each tower is driven by a 5 hp Danfoss freq drive. These systems alternate automatically once a week. The line side fuses taht protect each drive are blowing at start up when transfer takes place. Do not know why. Thought maybe there was a back feed happening some how from the rotating of the fan that is stopping when the other is starting. Any suggestions?
  4. When installing an Isolation transformer is the neutral not connected to the ground conductor?
  5. If you have a 3 phase motor rated at 3500 rpm is it possible to run it through a freq. drive at more than rated value, i.e. 4000 rpm? What would be the consequences or damage to the motor if any? This is a 3 phase , 60 hz. 480 volt motor.
  6. setting up maintenance program and need to decide if it makes sense to do annual meggering of a piece of clean room equipment. This piece of equipment contains some permanent magnet D.C. motors and we are not sure on the correct way you would megger the rotor of this type of motor. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks RPDodd
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