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  1. Thanks jraef! Good comments and directions, I will contact the manufacturing representatives for specification templates
  2. First of all, I want to say "thank you" for answering my request. I would need specifications written around a NEMA contactor.
  3. Will NEMA standards for motor control products become extinct in the near future? The reason I ask is due to a number of foreign products with IEC standards but no NEMA reference. How much longer can NEMA motor control products survive the influx of IEC product?
  4. Can someone send me a detail specification on Motor contactors and starters as template?
  5. Thanks marke for your input. I guess I was too general with my request and need to be more specific. I want to write a technical specification for a motor contactor but do not know enough about contactors to specify them properly. Is there someone in the forum who has a template or even a product specification for motor contactors/starters I can use to modify?
  6. Can someone send me a general guidline for specifying a motor starter/contactor specification for both NEMA and IEC requirements? The motors in question range from .25HP to 200HP.
  7. Can someone provide any data which indicates the number of operating cycles a NEMA Size 1 or 2 contactor will exhibit? The Size 1 starter has a 27A rating and the Size 2 has a 45A rating. In my efforts to draw conclusions as to whom has the best contactor operating cycle rates for my application, what would be the actual cycle rates in number of operations for the two contactors? Are there any personal issues anyone has using a particular manaufacturer contactor such as Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer/Eaton Electric, Siemens or Square D NEMA contactors?
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