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  1. I faced the same situation. I had a machine from Italy which had a vacon drive. For the longest time I couldn't get much help but finally found these guysVisit My Website in the US
  2. Does GE still make vfd drives? I thought Fuji took over GE's vfd division. http://www.ctiautomation.net/FUJI-Product-...ction-Guide.htm
  3. I didn't know that motortronics was private labeling for ABB & Emerson. I was talking about soft starts in general. http://www.ctiautomation.net/Motortronics.htm
  4. This is common place. I've used abb, control techniques, saftronics (now emerson) & motortronics. They all have frequent firmware revisions.
  5. The following website has some user manuals/operating instructions. If you don't find what you are looking for, you should email them. They helped me with an obsolete NAiS vfd manual. http://www.ctiautomation.net/User-Manuals.htm
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