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  1. tom

    Cscape 9.90 Released

    Enabling the IEC editor in CScape 9.9 SP4 Under Tools | Applications Settings i) Enusre ensure that the “Use Classic Cscape Mode” is unticked. ii) tick the “Support IEC Editor” and “Support Variable Based Ladder Programs” at the bottom of the Application Settings under Supported Program Type.
  2. Invertek Variable Frequency Drives are now available in New Zealand. See http://www.invertek.co.nz
  3. What happens to the power factor when a lamp is dimmed with a electronic dimmer? ;q
  4. Hi I was recently asked this question. Anybody got any comments? Can you inform me as to what will be the chances of Energy saving with 3 phase Induction motor coupled to Compressor and is driven by AC variable frequency drive.Pl note this is constant torque application.The frequency (speed) reduction could be to about 30 Hz against rated Frequency of 50 Hz. regards Anil Deshpande ;p;
  5. tom


    What is FFT?
  6. Hello I frequently see reference to negative sequence current. What does this mean?? How is it measured??
  7. What is a Brushless DC Motor??
  8. What is the advantage of a closed transition Wye Delta starter? Where would you use it over an open transition Wye Delta starter?
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