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  1. I have a Matsuura milling machine I am refitting with modern electronics. The spindle motor is a Yaskawa EEVA 51KM, it was driven by an inverter the size of a fridge. I have to make everything smaller as there wasn't room in my garage for it as it was;-) The spindle is a single speed job with speed control by a yaskawa spindle drive[vfd], the drive controlled the motor between 60 and 6,000 rpm which gave spindle speeds of 40rpm to 4,000rpm. I would like a similar speed range if possible. The original inverter was able to orientate the spindle for tool changes, but I can live without that. I spoke to someone who sells VFD's, sent him the yaskawa pdf for the motor and he thought I could run it off a 4kw inverter OK. I picked up an Omron 3G3MV A2040 single phase input inverter and it runs it up to 5 hz or so then faults with inverter overload fault.. I spoke to someone who sells Yaskawa stuff, he said the motor and inverter were probably developed for Matsuura and he had coem across them before and had ended up fixing the original drives as they couldn't get them running with generic VFDs, I just had an email from Yaskawa, who answered my question by recomending I fit a generic 3 phase motor, or reinstall the original drive[which I sold for £30!] From it's plate: 137 V 50Hz 24A 1500rpm 3.7Kw 178 V 202Hz 19A 6000rpm 3.7kw I am wondering if it could be economically rewound[not sure those two words go together] to suit a 4kw inverter? I think a 112 frame 3 phase motor will probably end up being fitted but wondered if anyone had any ideas or suggestions?
  2. I have been using mailwasher for sometime[probably since 2003] I have been thru a period of several thousand spam mails a day, had it all on automatic and never saw 99% of them. I have a catch all address, so I deleat anthing not to richard, or a few other things, but the random ones include britsrichard and madnessrichard, which I have specific filters for, the allow mail to richard also allows mail to britsrichard. How should the filter be setup?
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