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Need to know about Genetic Algorithm for speed control.


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Genetic algorithms are a branch of AI which mimics the growth of successive populations towards a solution - generally a solution which is difficult to define mathematically, but which each new member can be tested against for fitness (it just so happens that i'm currently writing genetic code in Labview). Genetic algorithms are not usually considered for control applications. At least i haven't heard of anybody trying it and to my mind, it isn't a logical fit.

Of the remaining AI branches, Fuzzy Logic definitely IS being used for control. Fuzzy logic gives a definite output based on loosely defined, often overlapping sets of inputs ('pretty fast' as opposed to 100mph) . Fuzzy controllers are most often found replacing PID loops. So, if there's a tie in to motor speed control, it'll hopefully relieve us of (the joy of) PID tuning...

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