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Looking for very high speed AC motor


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I've find this forum after a hard day of searching this motor.


So, I know the existence of one of its variant by this application :




More specification here :









         o Four-pole induction, high frequency design with inverter-controlled magnetic flux.

         o Dimensions*: 12\" dia x 15\" long (305 mm dia x 381 mm long)

         o Total weight: 110 lb, 50 kg (incl cooilng blower)

         o Maximum rpm: 12,000

         o Insulation: Class H, double-insulated

         o Cooling: Forced-air with variable speed pwm control

         o Sensors: Winding temp, tachometer  


       * dimensions exclude blower and connectors

       ** up to 30 A allocated for cooling blowers



So it would exist an AC motor with an RPM max of 13.000 RPM.

3 phase AC Induction, 150 KW, 4 pole, lot of torque with a total weight of only 50kg ;p;


I'm looking for such kind of speed, but with less power (and less weight ;b; ) like between 50 and 70 KW.


My application will be electric motorisation of a Superkart.

I know it would be simple to drive it with a DC motor but the objective is to get experience for regeneration brake only avaible on 4 quarter AC drives.


Sorry for disturbance ;b; , but very long time i'm looking for this.

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Hello Filatov


Welcome to the forum.


This would be a motor designed to operate from about 450Hz so it is very much a special and would require a special inverter to drive it.

As it is not a standard design, it would be very expensive.


An advantage of designs that operate at a higher frequency, is that the amount of iron required per KW is much reduced, making the motor ligher.


Motors used in aircraft are usually designed to operate on 400Hz, so perhaps you should be looking at the aviation industry for your requirements. A two pole motor operating at 400 Hz would have a synchronous speed of 24000 RPM and a four pole motor would have a synchronous speed of 12000 RPM.


Best regards,

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Yes, as you can see on the AC Propulsion solution, the inverter is homemade and its possibilities are awesome.

But didn't thought the motor was so special, not really a good news.

So this explain more the price of AC propulsion solution, at 25.000$ Inverter + Motor.


I will search for aircraft imbeded motors. Thanks and see you soon.

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Hello Filatov


Anything related to aviation is always expensive, so I think that you will have problems finding a bargain!!


Best regards and good luck,

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