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Help with standard IEC motor sizes


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I need help in finding out what standard motor sizes are available outside of the US for 230V above 160kW and 380/415V above 400kW. I really need a chart that also shows FLAs as well, but that would be a bonus, I can calculate FLAs if necessary. What I don't know is what are the standard sizes made above those sizes.


I have surfed (suffered?) through Siemens and ABB motor websites for the UK (because they are in English), but honestly they are very difficult to use if you don't already know the part number of what you are looking for. All I want is a chart of some sort. Brooke Crompton has a nice chart for 380V (not 230) but they stop at 400kW. All of the US based manufacturers show the kW equivalents of NEMA design motors, but they apparently think that we would never want to buy an actual IEC design.

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Hello Jraef


I am not aware of many applications for 230V three phase motors on the 50Hz systems, and no larger motors on 230V. While ther are pockets of 230V three phase, and there are motors operated at this voltage, my understanding is that these motors are all very small.

Typically, IEC motors below 4KW can be delta connected for 230 volt and star connected for 400 Volts. The only motors larger than 4KW at 200 Volt on 50Hz that I have had experience with are in Japan where it used to be that motors less than 40Hp were 200 Volt and greater than 40HP were 400 volt. I am not sure if this is the case.


The WEG site has data sheets for IEC motors.

I would suggest that you try to explore some of the Italian manufacturers sites for the 230V motors.


Best regards,

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Thanks Mark,

I got the 380-415V data I needed from Schorch's website, just not in a single sheet so it took a long time to collect. At least I didn't need to know their part numbers prior to picking a motor!


The tip on Italian mfgrs worked out. Turns out that Reliance has an Italian motor line that goes up to 150kW 220V for IEC applications and Lafert has one that goes to 200kW, but nothing bigger than that, so it appears that noody offers a motor that even can be connected 220V above 200kW, whether or not anyone actually does. That's what I was looking for.



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