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microcotroller based soft starter for inuction motor schematic diagram


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dear sir ,:im an electronic engineering student . currently i have undertaken a project"soft stsrt of 3-phase induction motor using triacs.i need a schematic diagram for this purpose. i intend to trigger the triacs using an 89c51 microcontrolle rand how im going to control the phase sequence.Text
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Hello asifrashid


Welcome to the forum.

While we are happy to help and offer advise on many subjects related to motor control, the project is yours to do, not to expect others to do for you.

Feel free to post questions about aspects of your project. I am sure that there are a number of participants who will share their knowledge and experience on particular aspects provided the right questions are asked.


Note, please post your questions once only and in the students area. I have deleted your other duplicate post.


Good luck with your project,

Best regards

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