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Insulation test

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I have got in my factory one 1.5 MW 11 k V motor which was unfortunately left with the heater OFF for quite some time. I did a PI test on the motor and the result was 0.75, and I presumed that the winding is contaminated with moisture.I have got the heater ON now and will perform a PI test in a couple of days.

Will it be better or do I have to dry out the winding ?


Thanks for any response.



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While it might be better after a couple of days with the heaters on... I wouldn't run it without baking it. Unless the moisture caused the insulation to deteriorate, baking should chase the moisture and the windings should be ok ... I'd sure want to hi-pot it ... and even subject the windings to a Pulse type stress test if possible.


So, how's the rotor ?


Good luck.

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