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Dear all,


i am an ex-distributor and i have some questions regarding the powerboss: why after a period of well functioning the powerboss change his parameters established by the engineer in conformity with the application?And when it must start it does after an alleatory time of 15-50seconds or never? Did you ever meat some situation?Thanks.

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I'm not 100% sure of what you are saying because of translation issues, but it appears you are saying that your Powerboss had parameters change in its programming unexpectedly, and now it starts too quickly or not at all?


If that is correct, it could mean that your Powerboss has lost its user programming memory and has reverted back to the factory default programming. I'm not familiar with the Somar design details, but many manufacturers use battery backed RAM for the user program because it can execute programs very fast, then they keep the factory default programming in a burned-in EPROM chip on the motherboard. If you lose power AND the battery is dead, the controller would have no user programming and load the factory defaults from the EPROM. Those factory defaults may not be correct for your application. If that is the case, someone will need to replace the battery and reprogram the user settings. I would also check to see if the powerboss unit has a low battery alarm as well.

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