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AC Drives for crane controls/ retrofits


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Have you tried a GOOGLE search ... i.e. "AC Drives Cranes" or "AC Drives for Cranes".


The latter produced this, amongst others....


Why "Sensorless Vector" drives are being misapplied in the Crane industry ...


Or perhaps you might find this article of interest:


Determination Of Quality Parameters Of Hoisting Electric Drive Systems With 3-Phase Induction Motors


I think you get the drift .... Google first ... then ask if unsuccessful ... is always a good practice in forums such as this one....


Kind regards,


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I haven't found a lot in literature about the topic. Much knowledge resides within the companies that have developed control systems employing AC drives for such applications. And some have paid a price for their knowledge; particularly those that were in too much of a hurry to get something into the marketplace as opposed to taking their time to think it thru and test, test, test.


I.E. Oooooooops ...... **beep**! :P


Perhaps if you could share just what it is that you are looking for, i.e., specific aspects of specific application.... e.g. bridge drive, trolley drive, hoist drive, etc.... we could share with you some experiences and knowledge obtained over the years and in working on the development of such applications.



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