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power supply trip


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We have 400A breaker in Substation which feeds supply to canteen ,supply recived with 630A breaker then transformer(power250KVA,415v,348A) then 400A breaker feeds busbar which feeds many loads with individual breaker including 6Hot plat oven through 60A breaker.We have got trip many time due to some fault some time with plat oven,every time both main breaker (400A) at substation and transformer sec. breaker (400A) triped at the same time and that cause trip to all the canteen supply. my quation is ,what is the best solution to avoid all supply trip in case we got problem with that oven(but without replacing the oven itself).


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Dear mali,

sometimes electric energy used for ovens is wrongly dissipated by bad thermal insulation or by a wrong infra-red emissivity of hot resistors.

Improving both arguments could give you 2 benefits:

- reduced energy consumption

- reduced possibility to have damages

I hope that this is your case.




Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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