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energy saver


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Hello, i'am the newbie, 2nd year student of electrical eng, dept gadjah mada university, indonesia.

i have a problem, i have to write an article 'bout energy saver, all i know that it is just simple that attach a shunt capacitor to improve power factor, but you know, i don't want to writ only two paragraph.


anyone, can help me to tell me:

1. how to calculate the VAR compensation?

2. the real schematic/diagram of energy saver, since i've googled it all the week, but i found nothing.


please help me


best regard

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Hello zikri


Welcome to the forum.

If your requirement is for an energy saver, then this probably does not mean a power factor correction capacitor.

The addition of power factor correction reduces reactive current flow from the supply, but wil not alter the KWHrs used within the plant or installation.


About 1978, there was an energy saver algorithm developd by Frank Nola of NASA to be applied to small single phase induction motors. This energy saver algorithm was patented as a "power factor controller" because it monitored the power factor of the motor and used that as an indicator of the operating efficiency of the motor. I wonder if this is what you are looking for??


Best regards,


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