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PDL drives closing


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Schneider have announced that the PDL Electronics factory in Napier that manufactured the PDL variable Speed controllers is closing.

The first stage is to close the R&D facility in June/July 2006. The second phase is to wind down manufacturing in September/December 2006 and the final stage is to close PDL Electronics in March 2007.


Schneider claim that the closure of PDL Electronics will not affect the PDL branded electrical switch gear manufactured in Christchurch.


This is the end of a New Zealand Icon of the electronics industry.


Best regards,

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Hello Tua


No, I do not and have never worked for PDL.

I am self employed as a motor control solutions provider.


Best regards,

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No doubt!

I have just spent 4 days on site attempting to make a PID loop work on the VFD that Schneider says is replacing the PDL drive, the ATV-71. What a nightmare! Way too much to program, and for some reason the French have a strange way of describing and programming Direct or Inverse acting response. They say one thing but the drive apparently acts exactly the opposite, which makes me believe they had a mistake in translation perhapse. Grrr....


I had a lot of issues and misgivings about the PDL drive, but I have to say it had one of the easier PID controllers to set up that I have ever come acrosss in the VFD industry. I didn't realize I had it so good until now.

"He's not dead, he's just pinin' for the fjords!"
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