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3 phase induction generator.


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3 phase induction generator


Hello all.

My name is Andy. I am a final year Bach' Eng Technology student at MIT in New Zealand.

I am presently developing a 3 phase induction generator from the commonly available 3 ph motor. I have the machine working ok and supplying a load stand alone. ie, disconnected from mains. Excitation being provided from a parallel connected set of capacitors. The whole scheme needs a small amount of residual magnetism in the core (rotor) to initiate charging, and commence generation.

Having now overloaded the machine numerous times and carried out locked rotor tests, I have managed to damage this essential residual magnetism. I have done numerous starts on the m/c with the rotor in the same position to restore the field, but the out put of the machine has slowly died away with successive overloads.

Question: Can anyone tell me how to restore the residual magnetism of the core to its original strength?

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