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switchable 1 to 3 phase motor?


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check this ebay item




Would this motor have two completely seperate sets of windings or would the 3 phase windings be re-jigged to enable 1 phase start and run? Or is he simply wrong and its purely a 1 phase motor.


Copy of email from seller "Hi, the manufactureres are, melegari l. & figi, type 2-3 motore asincrono m90l n2 l. Sn fe1563, hope that helps, cheers,"


Also says he has run it as 1 phase but has no 3 phase to try out.



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Hello waterman


It is certainly posible to get a three phase motor rotating on single phase with the addition of an appropriate capcitor across one winding, or in series with one winding. I have never seen a manufacturer promot this as a dual mode motor. When operating a three phase motor on a single phase with a phase shift network, you will not get full performance from the motor, but I can not comment on what level of performance you will actually achieve.


Perhaps someone has experience with this??


I suspect that the motor is a standard three phase motor with some instructions on connecting a phase shift capacitor to run on single phase.


Best regards,

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Odd to say the least. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to have that option.


Looking at their website I don't see any reference to this configuration or even that they offer it as a special. That means this was probably a custom motor built for an OEM that wanted that 1-phase 3-phase option, probably for some kind of portable machine. Not likely that you would ever be able to get a replacement easily or find a shop that could rewind it without having to spend a bit of time figuring it out. But for 25 pounds, not a bad deal. I notice he doesn't mention the voltage however.

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