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series reactor


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Hello kuan


Q1. What the function of reactor connected in series with Capacitor - to improve power factor?

The reactor in series with the capacitor is there to either reduce the inrush current into the capacitor at switchon, (small inductor) or to reduce the harmonic current flowing into the capacitor and thereby to extend it's life. The capacitor is sensitive to high harmonics on the supply. These cause high harmonic currents to flow in the capacitor which in turn create heat. Heat will cause the capacitor to fail earlier. The series inductor is designed to resonate with the capacitor at a low frequency, usually between 100 and 200 Hz so that the circuit looks inductive to the 5th and higher harmonics.



Q2.What the causes oil in reactor can expand and explode?

Oil cooled inductors are also sensitive to heat, and this can be caused by too much harmonic current flow, failed capacitor, or an insulation breakdown within the inductor. I suspect the the major cuase is excess current.


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