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single phase induction motor


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Two hundred single phase induction motor deliver constant load torque at 0.8N-m.

The motor each draw less than 1.5A.if need to install an additional eighty similar motor. However the additional motor will cause serious current overload. How to sort out this problem without any replace of power cable and installation gear.


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First and foremost your question should have been posted in the motor starting forum, where it would most likely get more attention from motor starting/motor control experts.


Back to the problem.


If you are referring to the run current of the motors causing too much load the network, then there is no solution but to upsize cables. If on the other hand your concern rests with starting current, then the installation of electronic soft starters or auto-transformer starters may be the answer.


Single phase induction motors may not perform well under reduced voltage starting. Therefore an anylisis of motor starting & load torque to ensure satisfactory operation will need to be done, prior to any installation of equipment.




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