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Plugged in module

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Hi everbody . I'am quite new in using invertors so please bear with me for the moment .



I now working as a maintenance guy and i heard that there are stuff out there that are call pluged in modules , which i can attached to the slots of a vfd . According to the grape vine in my company , these are actually motion control card. For example , if you are looking for a centre winding application, juz purchase the module for the drive vendor and immediately you can have the programmed up in a fly .


Is this juz a urban legend?

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Hi Sgtpepper, this really depends on the brand and model of drive. There are as many different brands and models as there are different beers in the world. Some drives are capable of having plug in modules and some are not. Some drives do not need the modules as they have the capability in built. Some cannot be used in this way. It really depends on the make and model of your existing drives. Many drives manufacturers are now producing drives that are designed for plug on modules.


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