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1.5 MW, 1500 rpm Induction Motor: Air Cooled vs Water Cooled


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Hi All,


We have to buy a 1.5 MW, 1500 rpm Induction Motor for one of our applications. We have the option of an option of buying either an Air Cooled or a Water Cooled Motor. The atmosphere contains conductive dust .


What is the preferred type of motor in this case ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of one type over the other, in general ?




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Dear easyser,


in general, there is the possibility to write a book on this argument.

Please explain your application, your needs, your availability of clean/industrial water, your installation type, etc. Give us as more info as possible, to get good suggestions.

There are also motors with liquid-to-air heat exchangers, do you considered them?

MV or LV motor?

Fixed frequency or variable frequency?





Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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