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SLIP Indicator and Load Indicator for Induction Motor


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I think that we are all interested, post the data here - please??


Best regards,

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We have developed Digital SLIP Indicator for measuring SLIP of any induction motor of any size, single or three phase. SLIP is indication of motor's condition and can reveal problems within the motor. Therefor the SLIP Indicator can assist testing of motors. The display is continuously visible and variations in the value of SLIP, due to external conditions like voltage, frequency and load can be seen instantaneously. Resolution being very high, (0.01%) it is useful even where SLIP is very low. The device is capable of showing even negative slip. We have enclosed detailed specifications for your reference. Input Supply : 230-110 Volt 50-60 Hz

Signal Input : Proximity Switch

Range : +/- 00.00 to 99.99 %

Size : 96x96x110


Options Available: High-Low cutout/Warning





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Originally posted by potdar

SLIP Indicator and  LOAD Indicator, for Induction motor is what i manufacture, I woudl like to know if someone is interested in seeing how it works since it is .01% accurate and is nearly working in more than 20 locations


Always glad to hear about new products. It sounds like this one measures slip to estimate load. We have historical slip available by looking at our predictive maintenance vibration spectra. Also can be determined by handheld strobe.


We find it is useful to look for changes in equipment operation which may correlate to (explain) changes in equipment vibration. For example some pumps vibrate more at low flow and on these particular pumps that corresponds to lower slip.


Slip I guess forms a diverse indication which can compliment current indication.


Other than identifying change in loading pattern, slip might possibly indicate rotor bar problem. But such problems are more easily recognized with other technologies imho.


0.01% may represent accuracy in speed or slip (?) determination, but surely not load determination.

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