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HV or LV correction?


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Hi all, I am looking at a site that is in need of around 800kVAr of correction. The site is connected to the grid at 11kV and has five 11kV/400V transformers. I would like to know the pros and cons of installing bulk correction at the HV level or five seperate controllers at the LV switchboards?


Any comments recommendations appreciated.



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Hi Ken


While the concept of a single installation at the point of supply is appealing, there are a number of considerations to look at.

  1. Price. I am not sure of the pricing of the MV gear at present, but expect that it may be a more expensive option than the LV correction.
  2. Correcting on the secondary side of the transformer will correct th load on the transformer and probably improve the effective capacity of the transformer substantially.
  3. MV correction may require a significant number of small steps to correct the whole plant and keep it within desirable limits.
  4. Resonance problems if the 11KV impedance is high and inductive.
Just a few thoughts that come to the top of my head!!


Best regards,

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