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Help: request on Motor Starter Circuit Diagram


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Hello Push Luck


Almost any text book on motor control will have circuits of starters, but it depends on which starter you wish to make.

If you look at http://www.lmphotonics.com/star_delta.htm there is the circuit of a star delta starter.


Please note, you should only try to build and connect a starter if you are qualified to do so. The voltages used are potentially very dangerous and a shock can kill, an error could cause a fire and insurance companies are not prepared to pay out on un qualified work.

As you are asking this question, I assume that you are unqualified. - This would be covered in the training and exams for suitable qualifications.


Best regards,

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There more to assembling a star delta starter than that which is immediately obvious.


For example you must bear in mind that a 'special' star delta timer must be used. If a standard timer is used, after the time out period you can that the delta contactor will close before the arc in the star contactor has fully extinguished. This condition is no different to that of a short circuit and the end result could be catastrophic particularly if the upstream protection mechanism (circuit breaker, fuses etc) has been not been correctly selected.




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