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Emotron Motor Control Topology

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The Emotron web stie, makes and interesting claim.


"Full control with less equipment

The direct torque control gives you full speed and/or torque control without encoder feedback."


To the best of my knowledge only ABB produce DTC (Direct Torque Control) drives. IS this just Emotron marketing department spin or is there another DTC player in the drive market?


Cheers Niallnz

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Hello niallnz


The Emotron VFX drives are using a form of Direct Torque Control and have been so for a long time.

The FDU drives are V/Hz drives, not using DTC technologies, so yes there are at least two DTC players in the market. I can not comment on the similarity of the two systems, but I believe that they both work on high speed predictive calculations rather than historical data.


Best regards,

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Elletronica Santerno uses the term Direct Torque Control in their literature when describing one of the 5 available control modes they offer. I have no idea if it's true, or just "marketing, or even just a translation error, but it's there none the less.
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