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Large Motor/high Inertia Starting


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I am currently working at a firm that works on the installation of large motors. I am very "green" when it comes to this, and was hoping that someone could please recommend a book showing the basics of design for starting motors, pointed towards large industrial motors. Any and all help will be most appreciated.



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Hello matfish


Welcome to the forum.


I do not know af any such books, but you could look at my website article on starting high inertia loads at http://www.lmphotonics.com/hi_inert.htm


Best regards,

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Welcome mathfish,


there is no book to solve specific problems.


If you will spend some time to make a description of your needs, probably we can help you in some way.


"Large" is not the same meaning for all people. Do you manage 10 MW motors or more?

Or 100 kW motors ? Low-voltage or medium-voltage? In which ambient? Application? Etc.







Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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