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Busbar or Bussbar?


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Fellow Forum Members,


This may seem like an odd question, but believe it or not, it's the topic of a hot debate in my workplace....


With reference to those lengths of (usually) copper that carry and distribute electrickery to various components motor control related,


Is it Buss Bar with a double 's' or Bus Bar with a single 's'?


I'll admit to my opinion right now, it's Buss Bar with a double s, and the phrase has nothing to do with those horseless carriage things called a bus.


What do other members think?


Thanks in advance for your consideration.



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Now that is an interesting question!!


From my understanding, the generally accepted spelling is a single s, but both are used. A search on the internet shows a bias towards the double s for bar mounted fuse carriers, not sure if that is because of the fuse manufacturer spelled with a double s but they seem to feature highly.

I'd be interested to hear the outcome!!


Best regards,

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1 a : a large motor vehicle designed to carry passengers usually along a fixed route according to a schedule b : AUTOMOBILE

2 : a small hand truck

3 a : BUS BAR b : a set of parallel conductors in a computer system that forms a main transmission path

4 : a spacecraft or missile that carries one or more detachable devices (as warheads)



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