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Motıors Power


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İf you inform me I will be happy?


This is a good question, I don't know! :P


It seems that you ask us to write a book, I'm wrong? We could reply to a specific question, or to discuss a certain argument, but you ask a lot!




Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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how can I select correct power range of induction motor? how can I calculate the motor's power?

what are the involved parameters to select and calculate the power range?

İf you inform me I will be happy?


Hello hanifi.


Welcome to the Forum.


Adding to what Mario said, please understand that the place to begin is with the APPLICATION.


You must first define the Speed - Torque - Duty Cycle requirements of the Application.


Without such knowledge, it is impossible to say anything about the motor.


If you would be willing to provide this forum with sufficeint information about the application requirements, then I think you will find that this forum will be able to assist you in defining the motor. and answering the question you have asked.




Kind regards,

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