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News Release: Abb's New Pump Control Software


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Software puts drives in control of pumping


Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) software eliminates the need for an external PLC

and can help to save energy, reduce downtime and prevent pump jamming and pipeline blocking.



A new pump control software module for drives has been launched by ABB. Featuring six pump control functions, the new Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) software eliminates the need for an external PLC and can help to save energy, reduce downtime and prevent pump jamming and pipeline blocking. The IPC is a software add-on for ABB industrial drives, which cover a power range from 0.55 to 5600kW.


It contains all the common functions needed by water and waste utilities, industrial plants and other pump users.


Where several pumps are operated together and the required flow rate is variable, IPC uses multi-pump control.


Each pump is controlled by its own drive, with one being speed adjusted and the rest running at constant speed, giving a smooth control with no pressure peaks.


Level control Level control is typically used to control the filling or emptying of waste water storage tanks and can be used with a single pump, or two to three pumps with AC drives in parallel.


This function can prevent sediment build-up on the tank walls by randomly varying the surface level, while fast-ramp starting creates a flush effect to keep pipelines clear.


Preventive maintenance is important for all industrial equipment and the IPC achieves this through its anti-jam function.


When the function is triggered, the pump is run at high speed and either reversed or stopped in a number of user-defined cleaning cycles, clearing built up particles and avoiding corrosion.


IPC eliminates the need for flow meters with its flow calculation function, used to control a single-pump installation.


Sensorless flow measurement is possible; alternatively, data can be supplied by pressure transmitters.


The package also offers a sleep boost function.


This runs the pumps to boost the pressure or water level prior to shutdown, extending the pump's sleep time and so saving energy.


It also avoids unnecessary starting and stopping, and helps to flush the pipelines.


Pump priority control is used to balance the operating time of all the pumps in the system.


This facility helps pump operators plan their maintenance and can boost energy efficiency by operating pumps near their best efficiency point.


For instance, in a system where the consumption rate is greater during the day, the drive can be programmed to operate higher capacity pumps during daytime and smaller units at night.



The software also incorporates ABB's adaptive programming utility, enabling users to customise drives for specific applications.


Note: A free brochure or catalogue is available from ABB Automation Tech (Drives and Motors) on the products in this news release. June 2006




Seems that it promises to do everything except fix breakfast and make a pot of tea. :P




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