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Speed Control Circuit For Small Car Motors


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Hello MarkE,

Kens, Mario...!


Last year I had built a car for racing competition in our college.Since time span was minimum and I had to make it in two days, I collected broken and old toys from 'Old items' market' in our town and also found some small dc motors of 3V, 5V etc and by making some arrangements with gears I could develop a thing like car with reverse forward, right left controls using two motors and gears. Since I had no time, I used long cord to control these motors & hence the car.

Now I want to make some arrangements so that I can get smooth control of these motors because now the speed is high and constant and causes problem while taking a turn.

Though I am not very scholar with motors, I can understand the functions and theory.

Hope you are not disturbed.




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Dear Asif,

I'm sorry, generally speaking I've no time to reply to such general questions.

Not knowing your background, how can we help you?

In my opinion you could get a lot of useful info on the web, easily. You could start from some existing circuit sold in e-commerce to understand why there are certain types of motors and drives for small cars.




Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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Sorry Mario,

I should have not asked you such a question.

Hope you are not disturbed of me.

I shall now stop this.

I tried Eng-tips but could not register, now hope I shall come online only when I have a technically sound and challenging problems.


Bye for now.

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Hello Asif ...


The H-Bridge controller is a simple means of control for small, permanent magnet type, dc motors. It is very popular amongst hobbyists for controlling small motors for such things as model cars, small turntables, minature conveyors, etc.


You could use the GOOGLE search engine (http://www.google.com) to search for information on the H-Bridge controller.


I have made such a search to see what is available, and there is a lot of information that you will find helpful.


Here's the link to the search I made.


Search on H-Bridge


Click on the underlined text above. It is hyperlinked to the search results.



Also, in the search results, you will find


DPRG: Brief H-Bridge Theory of Operation


Click on this link .... and you will see a very good article that provides a " Brief H-Bridge Theory of Operation "


All of this should help you to come up with a controller for your small dc motor application.


Kind regards,


"The first step to knowledge is asking the question."


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