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Power Factor


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Hello Rizwan




If you have a low power factor, the current drawn from the supply is higher than is needed. This is the same for both leading and lagging power factor.


If you have a lagging power factor of say 0.5 and you add capacitance, the power factor will improve and the current will drop. once you reach full correction, the power factor will be 1.0 and the current will be minimum. Any additional capacitance that you add will increase the current flow and reduce the power factor, but the power factor will be leading.




As you increase the capacitance connected to the supply, you increase the energy stored in the capacitors and reduce the resonant frequency. This increases the potential for damage due to voltage surges related to supply resonance.


There is no advantage in overcorrecting as you increase the pf penalty by doing so, and increase the potential for voltage problems also.




Best regards,



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