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Dc Motor


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we have a 220 kw dc motor for centrifugal application of armature voltage 400 volts , current 600 a , field voltage of 220v , current 14.1-5.1 a and the speed is 550-1050 rpm. we r run the motor by using dcs 400 dc drive of abb make. my doubt is hw to calculate in coming load current for drive and for cables


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Do you have the User Manual or Instruction manual for the


ABB DCS 400 and associated Field Supply Unit?



If so, you have the information you need. Input AC amps and Output DC amps are Listed in the manual.


If you don't have the manual(s) ..... Then contact your Local ABB distributor or sales office


and request them.


You could also find the nameplate on the units where the input and output amps should also be listed.



As to how to size the wires ...... follow the requirements of your national and local Electrical Codes; of which we have no knowledge.






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