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Rectifier Protection From Inrush Current

n s k

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can anyone suggest different methods of protecting rectifier from inrush current of charging DC bus capacitor.


I know two method

1. connect negative temperature coff. resistor between rectifier output and bus capcitor.

2. use resistor and relay, the constant resistor will be connected between rectifier output and capacitor, once the capacitor voltage rises to some value, switch on the relay to short resistor.


if anyone know anyother method to limit the inrush current plz reply.


with best regards

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The topology of the DC Converter bridge, normally consisting of six power rectifiers (diodes) could be modified so that it is configured with three diodes and three SCRs instead ... The SCRs would then be gradually phased full on over a second or two so as to limit the initial charging current into the DC bus capacitors. A means of sensing when the capacitors are at full voltage must be provided and co-ordinated such that operation of the inverter bridge is inhibited until the DC bus capacitors are fully charged.
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................................can give me some articals/paper or link to study more abt this method.


Most of the papers of any technical value are locked in the library of the IEEE. Even as a member, you cannot access them UNLESS you ALSO have a paid subscription to their library service.


This doesn't mean that a non-member/non-subscriber cannot obtain papers from their archives. They are available for a fee thru their IEEE Store service.


Here's an example of one of the papers in their archive:


(PDF) Design of a 200 Amp Telecom rectifier family using 50 Amp DC-DC ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

insertable, a half controlled SCR diode bridge rectification. circuit was developed to limit the inrush current to less. than the nominal operating current. ...


If you try to access this technical paper, you'll run into the gate keeper who will block your access unless you have the correct access permissions.


Other than the above, you could try using any of the SEARCH ENGINES -- such as GOOGLE -- to find information. I entered the following into GOOGLE ... click on underlined link below to see the search results received therefrom.


Limiting Inrush Current + half controlled bridge


You may find the below listed paper of some interest, although it is not exactly suited to your stated objective.


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

In a traditional half-bridge resonant converter output. stage configuration (Fig.1.1), ... 6) In-rush current limiting;. 7) High power factor (PF); ...


Click on the underlined text above to access it.


Kind regards,


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