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Cable Line Capacitance And Reactive Power


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Hello everybody,



In great numbers of occasions it is necessary to correct a capacitive power factor. To calculate the power of the compensation reactor needed i must know the reactive power of a cable line. Despite my trials i could not find the right method or software to do that. It is enough to have a table with capacitance or power in kVAr of the cables acc. their cross sections and types. In the particular case the equipment is on 6 kV, the supplying cable is 3x120 dry, with lenght about 700 m.



Thanks in advance!



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Did you try using the GOOGLE search engine to research the subject of Cable Capacitance ?



If you had, you would have found ... Advanced Cable Capacitance Calculator


You may also be interested in "Why is Cable Capacitance Important for Electronic Applications?" which is one of the references returned by the GOOGLE search engine.

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