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I've been programming PLCs since Christ was a boy. Ok, how about since the early '80s. It's easier to say which PLCs I haven't had occasion to play with (Modicon is one) than to list those I have. I am also pretty proficient at 'C' and Labview. This is not an exercise in self-congratulations - I've noticed that there is almost no activity in this sector. If anybody has a problem, i'd be happy to try and help...




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Hi md;


On the issue of free software, Mitsubishi was giving away their DOS based stuff. They have been expecting a new Windows package (should have it by now) which i doubt will be free. I have over the years been able to strong-arm distributors into free upgrades on occasion, but only if you are buying lots of hardware from them already. The people at PLC Direct have what is probably the least expensive software (see below for address).


As for improving your skills, that's a bit tougher. Aside from the basics that you might get in college, most of these guys (myself included) learned most of this stuff 'in the trenches'. I've always held to the philosophy that when learning something new, you have to have a project to finish and there's is nothing like facing a deadline to inspire learning.


There is, however, a simulator package for Allen Bradley that has come to my attention (see below). I understand you can try it out for 30 days free. I'll keep my eyes open when cruising around and will post anything else i find...


Try these sites:





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On the "old chestnut" of free software.....

Beware of free software - as that is usually what it is worth ie. nothing.

It still amazes me to what lengths people in the Automation industry go to to get the "cheapest" solution! Do you buy the cheapest food? If you are an employer, would you hire the person that wants the least money? Would you buy the cheapest car or fuel? What happens when you require support for that product that is installed in a plant that has a $100,000 a hour production penalty, and there is no-one you can contact?


I recently was involved in a project that had a robot with PLC controlled servo drives. During commissioning, the servo would fault. I suggested putting the servo drive on a seperate 24VDC power supply (the PLC and sensors were fed with the same supply)- the client went beserk, claiming that he could not "afford" the $200 to put it in! The machine was making Independant Rear Suspensions for one of the "big three", and if the machine stopped, the penalty was thousands of dollars per minute. We ended up putting a temporary supply on the servo and (surprise, surprise) the fault didn't occur again. Enough of my ranting....



Look at the total cost, not just the initial purchase price. Not just for PLC's or PLC software, but for everything you buy.

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Thanks about information

I want explain u I was study plcs system with klocknermler ,siemens (S5) in collage

And now I can building plcs program up to limit.

For personal mater I desertion it(I worked with elect. solution company)

Now my question

1:how can I knows what a new on plcs

2: I need to knows when I build program on plcs and I want connected to LCD MONETOR it should for me write program for LCD in any way.(drawing like LG –PMU-SERIES)

3: AND how I can get operating code in monitoring system and enable/disenable

e.g start motor /stop motor

and witch company is friendly in plcs system and give more facility

about PID controller on plcs its ready plug or I have to build it on plcs

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Jees md - that's a show stopper. I've reread your last post several times, but have to admit to understanding very little. What i DO get is the impression that you're looking for somebody to do your homework for you.


Next time perhaps we should look at your issues one at a time...



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  • 3 years later...

Hi jeff, nice to meet you.

here, i would like to ask you something about PLC.

is it possible that we could produce different outputs of the voltage from PLC using the same output terminal?

Before that, i would like to control the load of my motor using PLC. Thus i need a different voltage (adjustable voltage) for the purpose. Is it possible to do so?

In addition to that, i have never have the hand-on PLC experience.

Thanks for your time.




14 sept 2006


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