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Transformer Load


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Im a new engineer, assigned in an industrial plant that is ongoing construction. The plant recently installed a 2MVA, 13.8KV/440 V Transformer, which was bought from an plant that was closed down. Considering that the total projected load for the next 4 years will only be around 1 MVA, what is the implication of having this 2MVA transformer serving a load that is below its capacity.


Hope to hear from your expert opinions



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I would like to know that for loading an transformer what is the safe % of load.

my transformer is of 1.6 MVA and plant PF is unity up to what I can load my

Transformer. Where i will get maximum efficency .




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Subhash :


Unless you are prepared to provide this forum ALL of the design parameters details of your transformer, and ALL of the parameter detail of the various loads that you will connect to your transformer, I would offer that what you are asking is beyond the scope of this forum and its members.


My suggestion to you would be to ask your questions-- about loading and efficiency-- directly to the technical or engineering department of the manufacturer of your your transformer.


Kind regards,

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