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Hello LMPforum guys,


Just a feedback, whenever i open your webpage There is a message at the bottom of the page which says "done but with errors on page"


When i double click it and see the details i find

"Line 2602

Char 27

error Object expected"


and when i use Back button of the browser ( IE5) just shuts down



Now i feel any software guy would figure it out what this problem is....


Looks like something related to your page javascript.....


Can you solve this problem?





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Hello Chaterpilar


Thank you for the report.


I do not get the error here, but I have noted compatibility isues with some browsers and some websites.

Unfortunatley, none of the browsers are fully compatible. One of the issues can be in improving security, backwards compatibility can be affected.

I have also seen situations where two machines with identical browsers behave differently on the same web page!! It can be related to the set up of the security settings on the actual browser in question.


I have not found errors with IE6, or with Firefox.


I am interested to hear from anyone else with problems.


Best regards,

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