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Power Factor Corretion For Generator


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Hi ! I am Milind. I have two queries regarding Generators and PF.


1. Does a captive power plant, consisting of several generators ( GTG or DG ) in parallel, require power

factor correction ? I mean , if the plant PF is around 0.8, that should be OK, is it not ? Is there any

overwhelming need to apply PF capacitors to improve it further ?


2. Suppose , if above CPP is runing in parallel with grid supply, can I control generator excitation so that

almost all the kVARs required by the load are supplied by the generators and I do not import any kVARs

from the grid thereby maintaining grid PF to almost unity ? This way, I do not require any capcitors and

I do not pay any penalty due to poor PF of the grid.


Thanks a lot and regards,

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