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Harmonics, Power Factor


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Just wanted to ask check, can a capacitor "power saver for household" (or known as household PFC ) act as a voltage stabilizer ? Since the is only a very slight reduction in KWH caused by cable losses, is there any other benefits to it ? Can someone verify this ?



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Hello joshua


The capacitor will not act as a voltage regulator, but if there is significant voltage drop due to inductive currents, this will be reduced by the addition of power factor correction.

If the inductive current is insignificant (power facor is high) then there will be no advantage at all.


In the domestic environment, the power factor is normally fairly high and so there would not be a current reduction by power factor correction.

There are many claims made by sales people peddling power factor correction for eomestic applications, but the only financial advantage of power factor corection is in installations where there is a power factor penalty or maximum demand charge. Where the power bill is based on KWHrs only, there is usually no perceptible gain from the use of power factor correcton.


Best regards,

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