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Want To Get Started In Pic Micros?


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Intested in getting started in the wonderfull world of PIC micros?


Get hold of a copy of "An introduction to PIC Microcontrollers", published by 'Babani Electronic Books', written by R.A.Penfold.


I have no reason to recommend this particular book other than the fact the I own a copy and have found it an excellent place to get started. I'm sure there would be others also.


Best to advise that I have no association with MicroChip either. I also have no reason to recommend PIC micros over other types other than a personal interest in a RISC based 'Non Von Neumann Architecture', and I'm impressed by a cheap micro family that can run at around 10 million instruction per second (20Mhz, 1 instruction per cycle, jumps take 2 cycles);c;


Also, check out the MicroChip web site for lots of good info and FREE development tools!


Cheers and happy coding!



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For an intro into the mind-bending concepts of Non Von Neumann architecture, try www.csupomona.edu/hnriley/www/VonN.html (complete with references).


I for one, will be interested to find out how the MicroChip PIC controller qualifies as Non Von Neumann...


Jeff ;b;

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