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Static Charge In A Flexo Printing Machine


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Dear All,


We have Flexo Graphics Printing Machines in our plant which converts corrugated sheets in to Box shape after printing, creasing, sloting, folding and gluing.

Few days ago, one of these machines was in production. One printing unit and a die cut unit was engaged in that machine. Corrugated sheets were feeding into machine, leaving the machine after printing & die cutting and stacking on a table which was prepared with MS sheet. During that process, if anyone touched with table, he got a powerful jolt. I was called at the machine. I checked with my phase tester (having neon lamp max 500V), and I also got a jolt even checking with phase tester. That means there was very high voltage producing in the table. I first, checked the machine, but it was properly grounded and no any thing was touching with table. The legs of table were also insulated. I found that when I touched the phase tester with table and remained touch, Neon lamp glows very brightly and I got a jolt and after one second that charge removed from table and Neon lamp also glows with a little brightness. If I removed the phase tester from table, charge again produced after few seconds. It was cleared that it was static charge but I failed to remove it even I connected an earth wire with that table.

We have to produced Leather Gloves to workers for there safety in order to complete that job. That fault didn’t occurred second time.

I couldn’t understand that how that charge was producing?

Anyone has faced such a problem? Or any idea?


"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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Dear AB2005,


this is a well known problem, you can find info for example here




Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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You can use air ionisers. We successsfully used them to remove static electricity from plastic films.


It has a blower sending air over a high voltage rod with pins on it. This produces excess ions which neutralize/balance the imbalance in ions (which is caused by friction).


many companies make this simple equipment. http://simco-static.com/data/Converting.shtml



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